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Learning About a Forensic Investigation Laboratory

Today, the internet has become a not so good place. This is because, not everyone is nice. You will get to hear word like my computer has been hacked. The internet is what has caused all this. Many times, the computer network systems usually are hacked. When such a thing happens to you, you will find it strange. Instances of phishing, identity theft and fraud have arisen due to such issues. In companies, some employees are snoopers and can easily get into this hacking issue. Since millions of people are using the internet on a daily basis such cases of fraud are happening. Nowadays, letters are sent through emails, nowadays, we have instant messaging. Many people are using the portable storage devices. This is when the computer forensics services then come into being. Whenever the hacking occurs, they will be very useful. This article discusses all about the work of the computer forensic services.

The forensic services ensure that they handle the area and treat it as a crime scene. They will be required to take digital photographs and also ensure that they secure evidence. They will note, discs that are in the scene and also print outs so that they can have concrete evidence. In case you are the one who has hired their services, it is important that you provide all information to them. At the scene of crime, the computers should be left as they are, that is, whether they are turned on or off. In the instance where the computer was left on, the analyst will ensure that they gather all the required information that is on the available running applications. The analyst will then ensure that they switch off the computer in a manner that will ensure the data is not lost. This is because the data will be an essential part of providing evidence.

The other thing the forensic analyst does is to ensure that they document the configuration of the system that is usually done when a crime scene is being documented. It usually involves confiscating hard drives, the modems, all cable connections are observed too. It is the work of the analyst to ensure that they come up with a program that will go along with the digital photos taken. They also ensure that they take the portable storage devices that are in the location since they might have concrete evidence too. It is the work of the forensic expert to ensure that they gather all the evidence and take it to the lab. It is not appropriate for a forensic expert to examine the evidence in the area of crime. Anyone who engages in cybercrime should be aware that the data can be retrieved and they can be convicted.

The data is usually examined and then analyzed. Then the analysts ensure that they make a report of their findings since the time they acquired the data. This data is then presented to court in case there is need for prosecution.

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